Monday, December 23, 2013

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Then roll your mouse over the right image! I hope everyone has a merry Christmas or whatever other holiday they celebrate!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013



It snowed! It's crisp and white and beautiful outside. My brother and I went sledding almost all day on Sunday. Mom even made us hot cocoa with brunch. I made lots of snow angels and we had an intense snowball battle and I can barely describe how happy this makes me. When the snow starts to stick on the branches and it looks like icing or a lacy shawl or powdered sugar or something I get so excited. Snow is magically beautiful!

Do you know what else is magically beautiful? The White House at Christmas time!

No, I'm not super important guest to a fancy Christmas dinner or something at the White House, but I did get to go on a tour! It was really really amazing. We saw a White Gingerbread House that weighed over 300 pounds. There were 24 Christmas trees in the White House, and I got a picture near the original portrait of George Washington that Dolley Madison saved in the War of 1812.

We also saw the Capitol Building and the Supreme Court ANND the Library of Congress, which was amazing. Riding the metro was lots of fun too, even though it made me a little sick to my stomach.

All of this was amazingly amazing, but I had to get up really early to get on a commuter train to get to D.C. Not just really early. 3:18 AM early!! But it was worth it, and the memories I will probably treasure forever. Unless I become the first woman president of the United States or something. Because then it'd be normal to just hang at the White House with my friends.


Friday, November 15, 2013


Hey guys! Guess what? It's November!

Hey guys! Guess what I should be doing? Working toward my 40,000 word novel!

National Novel Writing Month is not a National event. It's an event that people from all over the world participate in, and they are all trying to get 50,000 words in one month. This is my first year for the Adult program, and I fell a little behind in the beginning of the month, so I changed my goal to at least 40,000 words.

My novel is a YA book about this girl named Penny Richar who becomes aware that she is being read. As in a book. It's been very interesting to write. The title is Fourth Wall Falling, and it's really fun! I'm excited to share my story. . Here's a cover that was designed for me by NaNo user impossiblepond, who you can find here.

This is what it looks like!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a word goal to reach!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

What Is Beautiful?

'Ello, everyone!

My little brother is reading a book for school called "The Search For Delicious." I didn't read it, I have too much else to read, but basically the storyline is the king asks the Main Character to find out what delicious is. But everyone has different ideals of what delicious is. That concept can be applied to many things.

Including beauty.

Is This Beautiful?

Is This Beautiful?

Is This Beautiful?

Is This Beautiful?

Is This Beautiful?

Is This Beautiful?

Am I Beautiful?

Are You?

Really, I think it's all about positivity. That's the most clique thing ever, but I really do think so. Lately I've been more insecure about how I look because that's what teens do. And now I've got circles under my eyes and pimples! But are those things really bad? Maybe they add character to my face. Maybe I look better with them. A person can have stunning cheekbones, big blue eyes, flawless hair, and a perfectly shaped figure, but not be happy. They could still think they're ugly. Or a person could not care what they look like, and not be perfect in every way, but still carry themselves with pride, which makes them beautiful. I dunno. I'm just ranting. But I don't think society's idea of beautiful is the only one. You don't have to have your ribs stick out to be beautiful. You also don't have to have MOST curves (which is a huge insecurity of mine). You can have circles under your eyes and still have beautiful eyes. You can have imperfections and still be beautiful.

What do you think? What Is Beautiful?


P.S. All the pictures except the last one aren't mine. I got them off

Friday, October 4, 2013

Wait..The Government's closed?!


So on Tuesday, guess what? The government SHUT DOWN! How do you even do that? It's crazy.

I've been studying current events for school, so this was a pretty exciting addition to my curriculum. I don't know oodles about the situation, but as I understand it, there are some Republicans that are known as the Tea Party who disagree with Obamacare, which is insurance that will be provided for everyone in the country. They have every right to disagree with it, because of the First Amendment and stuff. But it would have been better for them to disagree with it while it was being approved. Because now, they've shut down the government, and not actually stopped the Obamacare law from passing. Yeah.

Also, I was going to be in D.C. today on a field trip with friends and parents!! But not anymore, because the government is closed.

On a more personal level, I read an AWESOME book called Since You Asked. It was REALLY good, and I totally related to the main character and her relationship with her mom. Also, I got a Secondhand Serenade CD from the library. Yay!

Fare thee well!
Go 'Merica!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

School, Summer, and Super Stuff

Hi again. I've been gone again. I really am quite bad at this. Anyway...

School started. It's a heavy workload so far, but I've been keeping up. I'm done for the day now...
Team LegMOE is going great! In case you didn't know, that's my First Lego League team, and you can find us here. Other Activities that have started include Teen Top Ten, Field Trips, and my little brother's soccer...
We're also going camping this weekend with the family at Tuscarora State Park. So that's that.

Also I drew this thing...

It's supposed to be a character from this book called Fangirl, which was a really good Young Adult book. So yeah...

I also auditioned for KATS and the WDL Christmas Productions. AND I GOT INTO KATS! YAY! The directors and people were really nice and said I had a beautiful voice and that I got a part in the Greek Chorus. I'm REALLY excited.

And why did I put "Summer" at the top of this post in the title? IT'S STILLLLL SUMMER AND IT WILL BE FOR 2 MORE DAYS OKAY??

Signing off...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Things and a Directioner Rant

I'm here! I didn't desert you! So proud of myself. :D

I was sick. Then I did other things. Purple Pixie came over, and did my makeup! Sorry PP, but that was kinda too heavy, haha. (Ick) Rehearsals for the Youth One Act Festival have been soooooo late. It's on Saturday. It rained this morning and my brother played outside in it.

Yesterday was Harry Potter's, Neville Longbottom's, and Joanne Rowling's birthday.

Okay, here goes my Directioner rant.

Nabisco is still selling the Oreos with the "One Direction VIP tickets and Meet and Greet Passes" contest on the package, bu the contest is OVER! I know, I went to their website just now. So that makes me kinda mad. And also BEST SONG EVER OKAY??? IT'S NOT FAIR THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE AND OMG I CANT AKDFAJLKGAFLSK ASHFAJHH ASDFHJKKKL AJKHFALJDSLAG

Sorry about that. Okay, bye! <3