Wednesday, December 11, 2013



It snowed! It's crisp and white and beautiful outside. My brother and I went sledding almost all day on Sunday. Mom even made us hot cocoa with brunch. I made lots of snow angels and we had an intense snowball battle and I can barely describe how happy this makes me. When the snow starts to stick on the branches and it looks like icing or a lacy shawl or powdered sugar or something I get so excited. Snow is magically beautiful!

Do you know what else is magically beautiful? The White House at Christmas time!

No, I'm not super important guest to a fancy Christmas dinner or something at the White House, but I did get to go on a tour! It was really really amazing. We saw a White Gingerbread House that weighed over 300 pounds. There were 24 Christmas trees in the White House, and I got a picture near the original portrait of George Washington that Dolley Madison saved in the War of 1812.

We also saw the Capitol Building and the Supreme Court ANND the Library of Congress, which was amazing. Riding the metro was lots of fun too, even though it made me a little sick to my stomach.

All of this was amazingly amazing, but I had to get up really early to get on a commuter train to get to D.C. Not just really early. 3:18 AM early!! But it was worth it, and the memories I will probably treasure forever. Unless I become the first woman president of the United States or something. Because then it'd be normal to just hang at the White House with my friends.


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