Thursday, October 10, 2013

What Is Beautiful?

'Ello, everyone!

My little brother is reading a book for school called "The Search For Delicious." I didn't read it, I have too much else to read, but basically the storyline is the king asks the Main Character to find out what delicious is. But everyone has different ideals of what delicious is. That concept can be applied to many things.

Including beauty.

Is This Beautiful?

Is This Beautiful?

Is This Beautiful?

Is This Beautiful?

Is This Beautiful?

Is This Beautiful?

Am I Beautiful?

Are You?

Really, I think it's all about positivity. That's the most clique thing ever, but I really do think so. Lately I've been more insecure about how I look because that's what teens do. And now I've got circles under my eyes and pimples! But are those things really bad? Maybe they add character to my face. Maybe I look better with them. A person can have stunning cheekbones, big blue eyes, flawless hair, and a perfectly shaped figure, but not be happy. They could still think they're ugly. Or a person could not care what they look like, and not be perfect in every way, but still carry themselves with pride, which makes them beautiful. I dunno. I'm just ranting. But I don't think society's idea of beautiful is the only one. You don't have to have your ribs stick out to be beautiful. You also don't have to have MOST curves (which is a huge insecurity of mine). You can have circles under your eyes and still have beautiful eyes. You can have imperfections and still be beautiful.

What do you think? What Is Beautiful?


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