Friday, November 9, 2012

Some updates...and cats!

I have decided to do post titles. Do you like 'em?
Thanksgiving is soon and my grandmother's birthday party is tonight...we are hosting! :)
I am going to be in a play the Monday before Thanksgiving...The Imaginary Invalid, by Moliere, and I am kinda nervous.

Now the updates are done, to cats!!
I love cats so much! My cat Jamie is sitting on my desk as I write, purring. Now he's gone. I got a book for my birthday back in June about how you can felt cat hair! I made a finger puppet using my cats' hair, and I will post pictures soon. I also just finished a book about this cat who lived in the Spencer Iowa public library! How cool is that? His name was Dewey Readmore Books.I want a library cat for my library!


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  1. Yes! I LOVE it when you post titles! OMGosh, your cats are so cute!

    ♥ Purple pixie