Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Siblings...They Make The World Go Round

My brother is so funny. He says the strangest things. He always manages to make me laugh, even after we've been fighting. This morning when we were doing math he said:

"My word problem says 38 degrees. Brr."
Mom said: "It's  probably like that outside now."
He replied: "What a coincidence. Or maybe..." Now he started talking in a weird voice "It was mysteriously meant to be..." 

My aunt travels a lot, and she usually brings us things from the countries she visits. I collect dolls (maybe I'll post some pictures) and she sends him soccer jerseys. He got one from Egypt this time. He put it on as soon as he got it yesterday and wore it to bed and is still wearing it now! :P How silly!

What do your siblings do?


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