Friday, October 5, 2012

Two Poems I wrote!!

A quest afar to lands undreamt
A quest to ruins long unkempt
A quest of bravery, trust as well
Before last sun of summer fell
A quest beyond and one within
A quest to save your unknown kin
A quest that may be danger fraught
I warn you now, but tarry not
A quest that if you fail in
A quest will never be again
A quest at which you must succeed
To stop a one most terrible deed
To stop the king of Elderseed     


At the Cape of Henlopen

At the Cape of Henlopen,
Sea scented air.
I’m without a single care.
Flying past upon my Bike,
A Hill,
My muscles screaming as I struggle up
At last, the Peak, the Crest on high,
And then descending down I Fly.
The Dunes and Birds above,
The crashing of the Sea,
And the hard breathing of me.

More Stories coming!!!



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